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Welcome to Chives Montessori School. Our motto means ‘kindness and respect to all’ and this underlines every aspect of the school.

We place a strong emphasis on individual care and development and we pride ourselves on the support we offer to families.

The Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Chives Montessori School website. We hope you enjoy looking and reading about the exciting things we do in laying the foundation for children’s learning.

We are very proud of our school as it offers an excellent Montessori environment for children as well as support for families.

Our committed and qualified staff ensure that the school offers the best Montessori education for children. Indeed, as the excellent reputation grows, many of our past pupils have returned for work experience, to teach and to enrol their own children.

Carolyn McNeill


Opening Times

We are open from 8am to 6pm throughout the year. We close for a week between Christmas and New Year.

If you would like to visit during a Montessori session please phone 01473 212448. We will take pleasure in showing you around.

Our School

There are three main rooms at Montessori, however children are free to move between rooms as they would do at home.

The Nursery is where our youngest members start and we welcome babies from four months until about two years old.

The Red Room is mainly for children between two and three years old as they start on their journey towards independence.

The Green Room is for three to five year olds where confidence, respect, independence and a love of learning are promoted.

We place a strong emphasis on individual care and development and supporting families.

The school is registered with Ofsted and we are a fully Accredited Montessori School (MEAB Accreditation 2017-2021).

Art appreciation, the artist made the following comment on her Instagram page:


“I often wonder about the forever homes that my paintings find. It was a joy to be sent this photo of ‘Skip A Beat’ in a Montessori nursery reception area. Look at those tiny chairs and shoes,I couldn’t think of a more appropriate place and to see it hung at a height that the little ones can see is perfect.”